PURE STYLE Girlfriends has its roots in Los Angeles, California and was created by the innovative Juliana Lutzi Sherwood. As a former founder and CEO of a financial services technology firm on Wall Street, Juliana had become very successful in helping mostly men reach their financial goals. Feeling very strongly about woman’s issues, more specifically the pressures and struggles with body image and the intrusive procedures women go through to attain self-confidence, Juliana realized that she wanted to use her passion and hard work towards helping women reach their goals.

Juliana had a vision to empower women by helping boost their self-image and confidence. With this in mind, she started PURE STYLE Girlfriends, a line of safe and easy to use products that may help solve body image issues by enhancing our natural curves and helping women look their best, no matter the outfit.

These products range from silicone cup enhancers to non-surgical breast lifts to adhesive bras that will suite any strapless and backless dress. Each of PURE STYLE Girlfriends products is made with the highest medical grade of material, whether it’s silicone or adhesive, and the quality and durability of the products are what sets this company apart from its competitors.

Being a family of four women and a business team of mother-daughters, we, PURE STYLE Girlfriends Canada, understood the need for a product that aims at helping women feel better without comprising their well-being. We are proud to now be selling in Canada so that Juliana’s brand can be accessible to more women.

PURE STYLE Girlfriends Canada is located in Montreal, Quebec. You can reach us at info@purestylegirlfriends.ca

For U.S. retailers and customers, you can visit the U.S. website www.purestylegirlfriends.com