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Perk up and say hello to our best selling backless strapless adhesive bra! Perks bra is patented with clear straps that make the bra fully adjustable for extra cleavage and lift!

Imagine all the benefits of your most beloved push up bras without the hassles like underwire bras or bras with straps. No matter how you choose to wear Perks adhesive bra, you'll maximize cleavage and fullness with these light, satin, specially designed comfortable bra cups. Plus, two removable and adjustable clear bra straps turn this adhesive bra into a lifting plunge bra, strapless bra, and push up bra for ultimate versatility. So stand tall and show 'em what you've got!

Ways to Wear Perks:

With 15+ hidden holes along the outer edge of the cup and 2 clear adjustable bra straps, the many ways to wear Perks is only limited by your imagination!
Turn Perks into a:
•    Strapless Bra
•    Adhesive Bra
•    Backless Bra
•    Pushup Bra
•    Shelf Bra
•    Demi Bra
•    No Underwire Bra
•    Plunge Bra
•    Invisible Bra
•    Halter Bra
•    and many other types of bras!

Categories: Adhesive Bras

•    Make sure breasts are clean and dry.
•    Lift your breast in and up to the desired position
•    Firmly press adhesive cup on breast: push up pad should be under breast to support and lift
•    Gather breasts by clasping center hook.
•    Reposition cups to make sure that you have a comfortably secure fit