$ 21.00 Pick-Me-Up breast lift tape


Get instant lift with Pick-Me-Up! No need for a bra when you could get the lift you deserve with this adhesive breast lift tape. 
Simply place the Pick-Me-Up tape over your breast, pull up et voilá!

The best part? The adhesive is sweat-proof & water-proof but the area that goes over your nipple has no adhesive so it doesn't hurt when you take it off! Pick-Me-Up works best for women 32A up to 36D.

Hear what E! Online had to say about Pick Me Up tape at the Oscars 2013  

Fashion Tip: as seen in the video ideal to pair with Smooth'em adhesive for extra coverage. Great to wear under backless dresses/tops, swimsuits, deep v-neck tops/dresses or simply dresses where a bra just can't be worn!

These are the Celebrities best kept secrets for looking amazing in those sexy dresses on the Red Carpet!

Categories: Breast Lift Tape

•  Remove white backing liner.
•  Attach tape to bottom of nipple. Place non-adhesive section over nipple area.
•  Pick breast up as high as possible.

•  Apply tape firmly.
•  Peel off white liner.
•  Cut any visible tape to neckline.
•  Remove gently.