$ 50.00 Shape-A-Cup breast shaping | mastectomy


Shape-a-Cup was created by a medical doctor who is also a Breast Cancer Survivor. She had a Double Mastectomy and shortly after the surgery she felt her breasts lost that perkiness and shape they used to have. Shape-a-Cup is a full coverage cup and is designed to lift and shape the entire breast. Most bras and shapers lift the breast from the bottom. Women who have breast fed or had a lumpectomy/mastectomy Shape-a-Cup is the first product to lift and round out the entire breast – not just push up the bottom breast tissue. This solves multiple important problems. It alleviates physical pain by lifting the weight and pressure, improves her look by rounding out the top of the breast for a fuller appearance, and boosts her confidence.

Also works great for women who did not undergo surgery, Shape-a-Cup will lift and shape the breasts by giving them a nice bold and natural look to your bras.

Pure Style Girlfriends Canada has joined The Circle of Friends, for each Shape-a-cup product sold, 1$ will be donated to the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation


Categories: Bust Enhancers, Mastectomy

•    Slip one Shape-a-cup into each bra cup or bathing suit
•    Shift depending on where you want a little extra boost and Voilà!
•    To clean, gently hand wash with soap and water.  Air dry.
•    Use caution not to puncture with sharp objects