$ 45.00 Jump-A-Cup adds one full cup size

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Jump a Cup
Looking for the gain without the pain?

Jump-a-Cup boosts your bust size one full cup!

If it’s not fully filling in all the right places, take control and get sassy! Jump-a-Cup not only boosts your bust size one full cup, it’s unique design contours to your body for a naturally sexy look and feel to keep you fabulous, supported and radiant!
For a boost at the beach, ditch the foam pads to avoid the "sponge" effect and slip in a pair of Jump-a-Cups for a natural, water-friendly look and feel.
Great for:
-    creating cleavage in low cut tops
-    slims out your silhouette by adding shape and enhancement to your bustline
-    an extra boost in bathing suits
-    a solution to uneven breasts & post-lumpectomy women

Categories: Bust Enhancers

•    Loosen bra straps and slip one Jump-a-Cup into each cup
•    Adjust bra straps and Voilà! An instant, but natural new look.