$ 48.00 Bump & Jump-A-Cup enhancement | adds one cup

Bump & Jump-A-Cup
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Bump & Jump-a-Cup silicone bra insert gives you the lift and enhances your cup size up to one full cup.

The shelf bra design combines the qualities of both our cleavage enhancers Bump-A-Cup and Jump-A-Cup to bring you that natural sexy look and feel.


·conveniently fits inside your bra pocket and swimsuit tops

·100% silicone that won't absorb sweat or water

·Thin outer layer to give seamless look

·a solution to uneven breasts & post-lumpectomy women

 Pure Style Girlfriends Canada ship all of our bra inserts across Canada

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Categories: Bust Enhancers, Mastectomy

•    Slip one Bump&Jump-a-cup into each bra cup
•    Adjust depending on where you want a little extra boost
•    Tighten bra straps for extra lift