Camisoles Holiday Edition

Camiflage is designed to slip over any bra for a delicate, feminine look without the bulk of a full camisole.

Don't miss out on the limited edition of Holiday Camiflage!

There’s nothing like a dress or top that fits perfectly. That’s why we love Camiflage, a pretty, lace lined bra slip that turns any bra into a camisole. For the Holiday Season, we are offering both ivory and black half-camisoles with silver lining, for a dressier and more festive look!

This pretty, stretch, and breathable lace provides extra coverage in all the right places. Camiflage is specially-designed to easily slip over any bra for that delicate, feminine, look without all of the bulk of a full camisole. Sophisticated enough for work, comfortable enough for every day wear, and elegant enough for your favorite cocktail dress, Camiflgage will help you conceal and flaunt all at once.

With an elegant neckline and high back you can strut your stuff with confidence.

$ 24.00
$ 24.00