$ 16.00 Stay Put body tape

Stay Put


Double sided fashion tape really does the trick to help fix up your outfit and save you from any fashion embarrassments. These clear medical grade adhesive strips come in a cute portable tube to conveniently bring along in your clutch or purse.

Stay Put comes with 36 perforated strips for pre-cut convenience (and more uses). They are hypoallergenic, sweat proof and waterproof. The best part is that the strips stretch and move with your skin and not against you for all day comfort.

What body tape can do for you:

  • help keep dresses in place
  • low cut tops from revealing too much
  • prevents bra straps from falling
  • hem your jeans and skirt seams
  • hold up strapless tops or dresses
  • also can be used to get more uses out of Gather-the-Girls


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Categories: Fashion Tape

  • Ensure skin is clean and dry – do not apply to recently moisturized skin.
  • Peel lining off on one side and place tape securely on fabric or skin
  • For maximum stick, do not move tape after placement
  • Remove liner from other side and adhere to desired position
  • Apply some pressure with the palm of your hand to secure bond
  • Remove from skin and clothing after use