$ 32.00 Smooth'em Non-Adhesive without Adhesive

Smooth'em Non-Adhesive
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Need some extra coverage front and center?
With a uniquely tapered design, Smooth’em’s re-usable silicone discs gently adhere to keep nipples under control and in contour with your breasts while creating a completely seamless silhouette.  These re-usable concealers do not have a sticky adhesive.  Add a couple drops of water  and with the unique contour, they will lightly adhere to your skin for every day comfort.  This is a light bond, so please make sure to wear with a bra or tight fitting garment. Take control of that pesky "high beam” feeling and be confident yet comfortable throughout your fabulously bra-free day!

Categories: Nipple Covers

•    Do not apply to recently moisturized skin
•    Slightly moisten inside of nipple cover
•    Place horizontally over nipple area and press firmly to create non-adhesive bond
•    Wash with gentle soap and water and air dry